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Saturday, July 30, 2005


Iris Yaar Edelbaum is a freelance writer living and writing in Jaffa, Israel. The writer has a successful Blog (in Hebrew - and wishes to report daily to foreign readership.

Previously a lawyer and legal academic (Holding LLM in International Human Rights Law -American University, Washington DC and Member of the State Bar of California; Member of the Israeli Bar Association;) now a writer ( an award winning (2005) poet; five year columnist in Maariv Literary section; co-author of a children's book (2002)).

In this Blog, I wish to provide the commentary you will not read in mainstream media - the war on identity and culture. Most importantly - the new frontiers : what is the meaning of Jewish identity and who has the largest financial stake in the answer ?

Everything you didn't want to know, but cannot afford to ignore. Restricted for those who can handle gory stuff.


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