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Monday, September 19, 2005

VIdeo-Activism in Israel

(this link). - my first short video film.

This is in Hebrew, sorry guys, it is a series of interviews with merchants in the central bus station in Tel Aviv, talking about undocumented workers, who were recently "hunted down" and sent off to wherever they were brought from. Since I was the photographer, just take a look at the photography, see the craftsmanship, see the talent. That's me.

Too bad this is how things are now in Israel. One of the interviewees, sums it up, when asked if he is satisfied with the government :"Sure, I am always happy with the government, on my head (Arabic . a local idiom - I have to watch my head, quite similar to :I need to watch my ass, or back, in Anglo). "even if I am hungry, even if I have nothing, I am happy with government, you understand ?"
Oh, we do.


At 6:15 PM, Anonymous J said...

Ah, well I can't understand the language, the verbal language.... but your using the visual language as well. Very nice, Do keep this blog up, a valuable addition to my overseas info stream.


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