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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Symbolic events in the Jewish New Year

Sinking deeper in lies...

During the New Year's Eve, when most people in Israel are dining with their families and celebrating the Jewish new Year, news services broadcasted an odd bit of news. Japanese naval authorities implicated an Israeli ship in "hit and run" accident in the sea, killing 7 seamen, on a Japanese fishing boat.

Accidents happen. There's nothing odd about it. However, the following sequence of events displayed the typical Israeli culture - lies, more lies, and ...More lies. At first, Zim announced that this is an error, and that it wasn't the Israeli vessel that hit the Japanese boat. Emm...Usually, this would be accompanied by a certain suspicion of "antisemitic" scapegoating. However, soon thereafter, it turned out that physical examination of both vessels proved beyond doubt that this was indeed the collision that killed the mariners. Gradually, the lies and the version changed, with the hope that there would be no proofs for the allegations. At first, they declared that the ship is too big and so it never "felt" the hit. Then, radar and records proved otherwise. The next thing they said, well, we might have hit them but we didn't change course and run away...But then again, came the radar records. Now, nobody believed them anyway. However, in Israel, the company still tried a dirty trick, saying that none of the crew were Israelis, it's just "technically" an Israeli ship, but none of "us" did it. Oops, another lie. The captain is very Israeli Moshe Ben David, what could be more Jewish/Israeli. Now he is saying he slept through the entire charrade...emmm, next he'll bring a doctor's not that he had a stomach ache. Eventually, the Japanese, who started the investigation politely, are now really angered by the constant ducking and dodging and playing these hide and seek games.
Today, Zim admitted that all the allegations are true. The hit the boat negligently, then fled the scene and then lies to their bones.

Next time anyone blames Israelis for being liars and pigs, everyone will cry "antisemites".

Similar conduct characterizes the official policy of state authorities here. In all cases involving damaged civilians, Arabs or Jews, foreign or local, the government follows this very same standard operation procedure - lie, deny the facts, deny responsibility, blame the other for making up the story, attack, and then if they are caught lying, divert attention by creating a false crisis elsewhere or making a less than subtle threat to the aggrieved party...To stop. Japan, beware, the Israelis do not like embarrassment...



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