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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Let's divorce our senses...

Its been a while, I was busy elsewhere, with life.
I have no idea if anyone is reading this blog, and who might they be. I received a few supportive emails, and some comments, nobody cared to identify themselves. And, if I knew HOW to publicize the blog, I would, but I don't.

While I was away, it appears that the government of Israel has not been idle, in taking care of the IMAGE of its policies.

I have always suspected that the true meaning of the "New Age" or the "New World Order" and all this newness, is simply to depart - no, at long last DIVORCE - reality, in favor of its presentation. It is not what happens that counts anymore, rather, what is allowed to be perceived as what happened. So much so, that the efforts of the Powers that Be is to create an inner, sort of psychological, human mechanism that will deceive the mind itself. How will it work ? Simple. Suppose a person killed another, his memory would re arrange the event so as to create a spin, or "marketing" campain, to the Mind (whatever that is). Instead of the old Freudian division of the Mind into id ego and superego, we will now have something more resembling of a corporate board of directors. We are going to divorce, at long last, our very own senses.

Along those lines, we are informed of a novel initiative to launch a massive "branding" campaign of the state of Israel, to the American public. The brilliant solution to all the ailments of Israel was finally found, more so, the source of trouble was identified - the IMAGE sucks. A professional PR/marketing firm was hired to explore the image of Israeli society in the USA. The results were appalling. It turned out that most Americans perceive of Israel....Just the way it is ! A rough, chauvinistic, unpleasant, uninviting place. Israel, mostly, was perceived as a place which is NOT a home. Concrete bare walls, with thistles and guns, ruled by severe rigid males, who are bound by Biblical commands or military hierarchies. Yikes.

So, the wise men of Israel sat at the round table and came up with a solution. Why not join the general trend of fantasy land ? Let's invest a lot of money in creating an illusion, while using all the sorcery of marketing and PR, employed by commercial companies to promote their brand (of Jeans, perfume or gadget). LET"S LIE.

So, for the last few months, a subtle message is going down the pipelines of power to the field. We are looking for "talents" and for con artists, to join the big make believe campaign: Be a patriot, help your country get further away from reality. Go crazy, we will give you the money.

Since the "image" of Israel is caused by the very sad, and real, priorities thesame people who have set them, are also the ones who will control the big illusion campaign. The orders came clearly "we need to show a human face", sell us "humaneness" now !

The chances that this unsurprising discovery of Israel's own image and true self, will prompt REAL change are fat. zero. But it certainly created a nice hysteria, when the pompous asses who dried up Israel from any shred of liveliness and creativity, are running frantically around looking for "human" material, and plagiarise everything off their rivals' work (blogs, art, literature).

The next project I assume will be phrased in the following way - "A lucrative PR company from the USA proposed to launch a campaign to market Israel as an existing state", after a survey will discover that people know Israel has been destroyed.
This sadly reminded me of something that happened to me more than 10 years ago. I was flattered to be invited to a kind of semi lucrative conference abroad about women's rights. The conference was fully paid for and the participants were catered and spoiled with the good things in life. Each one of us made some presentations but mostly is was a fun week. I was surprised to find out that the other 2 "delegates" from Israel were men, whom I never had the honor to meet or hear their names in connection with women's rights in Israel. More surprising was that both were somehow elusive about their workplace, admitting eventually some connection to the police...?. They didn't talk about women's rights, but went around sniffing and doing weird things.

It turned out later, that they were on another mission, you know "THAT' kind of mission, in that land abroad, and this was their perfect cover. It also explained to me, retroactively, why everyone was a bit suspicious around us. Naturally, the others, the non Israelis, figured it out immediately, the only IDIOT there was I. This very humiliating and unforgettable event made it perfectly clear to me - when the government of Israel is looking for "humaneness", it is usually a preparation for something of the very inhuman type. Beware, Israel is on the run, and it wants to appear human.


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